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Leadership in Data and/or Assessment Award

New in 2024! CERA will be honoring a leader from either preschool-12 or higher education who have demonstrated a strong ability to collect, analyze, and/or utilize to enhance decision-making processes and drive improvement in student outcomes.

Nomination Information

  • Nominees who have successfully demonstrated any of the following will receive special consideration:

  • Presentation of assessment results or key data metrics that increased public awareness or influenced decision-makers (e.g., district leadership, school board, legislature)

  • Facilitation of conversations with diverse stakeholders building awareness, consensus

  • Leading coalition of change-makers to implement improvement efforts

  • Documented evidence of how data and assessment initiatives have led to tangible improvements in performance, outcomes, or decision-making processes within the organization.

Submit Your 2024 Leadership Nomination

Leadership for special consideration. Select all that apply.
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